Which one is the best university for BSc admission

Which one is the best university for BSc admission ?

Dheeraj sharma , 19 Jul 2019

3 Answers

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The NorthCap University is the best university for BSc admission. The Department of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of courses in the areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to build a strong foundation of students as a part of engineering education. The Department also offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in basic Sciences. They educate a diverse group of students through a blend of rigorous and project-based curricula and adopting unique teaching methodologies. Basic Sciences form the backbone for knowledge development not only for scientists but also for engineers. Our focus is to produce scientists and engineers equipped with modern scientific tools with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems. Department USPs- Faculty: Highly experienced and research oriented Faculty, all holding Ph.D degree (mostly from IITs, NITs, Central and State Universities). Curriculum and Teaching Learning Pedagogy: Curriculum is benchmarked with UGC, IIT’S and other reputed Universities. The syllabus is aligned with that of NET, GATE, JAM and other competitive exams. Advanced tools including virtual labs, MOOC Courses etc. are used. Strong emphasis on Context & project based learning through mini projects, tinkering lab, guest lecturers etc. Student activities through professional societies like OSA student chapter, ENACTUS, incubation center etc. are encouraged. Student Counselors: Each student is assigned a faculty counselor, who guide students on personal and professional decisions and help them to create a career trajectory. Visit: https://www.ncuindia.edu

Best university for BSc. is Invertis University in Bareilly. This is good if you will take admission in this. I have experienced the same while I was in college. No other private university provide such facilities. Apart from this Invertis provides many other facilities to pursuing students: ? Well Equipped Labs ? Science based agricultural education and research ? Assist State Government for policy analysis and prescriptions ? Develop linkages for commercial application of agricultural research ? World class E-Classroom and smart classroom ? Integrated farming system model