Which is the easiest engineering degree

Which is the easiest engineering degree ?

Anup , 27 Feb 2018

1 Answers

I have no bias against any particular branch, but I have to say I found my branch, IT, to be the easiest amongst all others. This was partly because IT is a derivative branch from CS and computer engineering. Amongst other mainstream branches only IT is a derivative branch. All the rest of the engineering branches are separate entities. I had a decent programming background before college, so that was an advantage to begin with. For the entire period of four years, I remained in first gear as far as intensity of studies was concerned. I felt sorry for some of my friends from EC and mechanical whom I always found struggling to even finish the syllabus. I wasn't the topper of branch. My CGPA was 8.5, but I never broke a sweat over studies in four years. You can imagine how easy IT was by that.