Which is the best university in Maharashtra

Which is the best university in Maharashtra ?

Mohitkoshik , 07 Aug 2020

1 Answers

MGM is among the best university in Maharashtra. Which is located in Aurangabad. It has acquired the reputation of being one of the premiere educational & health services charitable trust in India. In all, during this journey Mahatma Gandhi Mission has established its mark over 6 campuses having over 70 colleges, Institutions and Centers of Engineering, Architecture, Medical, Nursing, Management, Computer Science, IT, Biotechnology, Science, Commerce, Fine Arts, Ceramic and Pottery, Performing Arts, Fashion Design, Mass Communication & Journalism, Film Arts, and Photography. It has established many incubation centers for students, MGM Khadi is one of the best production and research centre for khadi and Paithani saree. www.mgmu.ac.in

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