Which is the best iit coaching in Lucknow

Which is the best iit coaching in Lucknow ?

Asif zeya , 31 Jan 2018

1 Answers

Coaching classes alone won't help you achieve anything. You could join the best coaching center in Lucknow and still fail if you don't put in the necessary hard work. In my opinion, you can join any reputable coaching centre such as FIITJEE or Resonance provided you inculcate the dedication to work hard. Besides these institutions, others Lucknow-based institutes such as Shraddha Classes and ASAP coaching have been doing a good job as well. Scholastic Classes are also quite good. You can go to the following link for more information about coaching classes not just in Lucknow, but around India. https://www.reviewadda.com/institute/article/128/fiitjee-vs-allen-vs-aakash