Which is better between MNIT & VGU in Jaipur?

Which is better between MNIT & VGU in Jaipur? ?

Tarun Gupta , 21 May 2020

1 Answers

MNIT is a well-established college for sure but if we look at other factors responsible for nominating a college CODE, VGU can be categorised as one of the best colleges in upcoming times as they are strict in giving admission and faculties are very active, supportive and well experienced. CODE has an active consultancy cell, C- CUBE where they take live public projects and accomplish them with the active participation of students and faculties. In past, they have completed a Renovation of the concourse at Jaipur Railway Station with fresher students very precisely. Recent work was designing an interactive food court space at JLF2020. Such wonderful work gives exposures to students headed by faculties. No doubt college is the best.