Where I can buy good Door Oven Seals in New Zealand?

Where I can buy good Door Oven Seals in New Zealand? ?

Achala , 12 May 2024

2 Answers

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Finding the right oven seals can be a real quest, right? I had a similar issue last year when my oven started losing heat, and I noticed my energy bills creeping up—turned out the seal was the culprit! If you're looking for a place with a good range of oven door seals, you might want to check out https://www.appliancespares.nz/collections/oven-door-seals . They've got a pretty extensive collection, and I found exactly what I needed for my oven there. Good luck with your search! Getting that seal fixed made such a difference in my kitchen efficiency. Hope you find the perfect fit for your oven too!