Where can I find honest Lovely Professional University reviews

Where can I find honest Lovely Professional University reviews ?

Anusha , 09 Feb 2018

1 Answers

By the question, I assume you think most reviews are biased towards LPU. What we often fail to understand is that while we may dislike something, someone else might have a positive thing to say or vice versa. Thinking everyone is biased is a poor solution.You can find Lovely Professional University reviews in the link below. https://www.reviewadda.com/institute/details/3533344/lovely-professional-university-lpu-jalandhar-reviews

  • Aman Kaur 03 Apr 2019

    There is no comparison as the university has a good infrastructure in 600 acres of land. Every block of the University is well developed for that particular course and requirements. Wi-Fi services is in every block and . The labs are well-equipped with all the required materials where a student enjoy doing experiments. The university has very good medical facilities and have their own hospital and fire brigade team. The attractions of university is "Open Auditorium" and university's own mall "Unimall" where everything is available. A very cool campus with a variety of people. Good faculty and staff. It is the best private college so far in studies, cleanliness, and maintenance. If you are in the college, you feel that you are not in India. One can have a peace of mind in the college. Ti sis the university which is having shopping malls in the campus. There are many library inside but central library is the largest among all and it is the best collection of academic text books, novels and various magazines. 2 Air Conditions and a projector are available in every classroom. The trees are maintained very well and with full of flowers everywhere in the college. The blocks are very spacious and well-maintained. The infrastructure is the best in North India with all facilities including good Wi-Fi everywhere in the campus, hospital, fire station, mall, high level of security, labs, cleanliness, canteen, and hostel system. Hostels rooms are good with a tuck shop, and there is a canteen in each hostel. About the quality of education in LPU. I’m super impressed with the education quality. The professors are the biggest help you can get in the university. Help is available everywhere through the classmates