What should I choose MSc or MBA

What should I choose MSc or MBA ?

Kapil , 14 Feb 2018

2 Answers

You can choose an MSc or MBA depending on your choice but I can tell you the best college for the same that is OPJU(http://www.opju.ac.in) A Master of Science degree is a degree awarded at universities around the world for completion of graduate-level study in a science- or technology-related field. Master of Science is a post graduate degree that can be pursued after the graduation in related subjects. The B.Sc. degree usually covers the science subjects including social sciences. The candidates who wish to study these subjects on a wider level can opt for M.Sc. in related subjects. This post graduation cannot be pursued if one does not have a basic knowledge of related fields in Bachelors degree. M.Sc. is a 2 year programme that is offered by OP Jindal university. Program Offered: Master of Science in Physics Master of Science in Chemistry Master of Science in Mathematics Scope of Master of Science (MSc): The scope of M.Sc is very much demanding & you can gain a respectable job in this area after completing the programme with good grades. There are various specializations that one can pursue in M.Sc programme. In each and every specialization, opportunities are available in Medicine, chemical, petrochemical & Polymer industries. After passing master degree in science, you can go for a research study in top organizations such as BAARC, ISRO, etc. You can also work in government & private sectors in various technical & non-technical posts. MBA The two-year full time MBA programme under the School of Management (SOM) follows a semester pattern. The first two semesters consists of foundation courses in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, Operations etc where as the second year consists of Core and Elective Courses. There is a 8-week summer internship project during the intervening period between the second and third semester where the students visit a company to gain hands-on experience on the workings of real life businesses. Keeping in view of the brand mantra of “Learning by Doing”, the course is interspersed with industry visits, case studies, projects, management games, role plays, corporate interactions, activities and so on.

From a pure monetary point of view, MBA is a safer bet due to its wider appeal amongst recruiters. However, if you're passionate about pursuing a degree in the pure sciences, MSc should be your one and only choice. Questions such as these are very subjective and depend entirely on the type of person who is making the choice. Giving flat answers is never the solution.