What Makes Mody University Classrooms Different

What Makes Mody University Classrooms Different ?

Dharmesh Adhikari , 11 Jun 2019

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Mody University is an institution of the 21st century, which makes it quite obvious that it uses the best technological enhancements to make its Classrooms participative and interactive. This is the age of cut-throat competition and Mody University aims at making its students perfect in all respect so that they always fly high keeping others behind. To know other advantages of the Mody University Classrooms. #One Of course, the traditional approach towards teaching and learning is the core process that cannot be ignored, but besides the conventional approach, Mody University management also experiments with the latest technological gadgets that can help in fostering the learning process. #Two The students are allowed to give presentations, attend seminars, go for internships, aid camps, etc. They are also allowed to submit their assignments online and do proper research using the internet for various topics. #Three Along with the interactive classes, the students of Mody University are provided study materials in a capsulated form that makes it really easy for them to go through the lessons properly. CDs are there along with projectors to make visual and audio learning comfortable and easier for the girls. #Four Learning foreign languages are included in the regular curriculum. #Five The computer laboratories and also other labs are well-equipped with the latest technological products. #Six In order to evaluate its students, Mody University keep on taking comprehensive weekly tests on a regular basis. # Seven The best thing about the campus is that it is quite tech-friendly. The entire campus is LAN enabled that helps the students and the faculty members stay connected with each other all the time. # Eight There are sufficient No. of Classrooms, Seminar Halls, Drawing Halls of required size as per AICTE norms. # Nine All the Classrooms, Seminar Halls, Drawing Halls are well furnished with furniture, blackboards, projection screens, OHPs/LCD Projectors and are ventilated with sufficient lighting. # Ten Individual faculty rooms in departments For admission: http://admissions.modyuniversity.ac.in