What is your review of BML Munjal University

What is your review of BML Munjal University ?

Nakul , 04 Apr 2018

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See you can check the genuine reviews of alumni here. Follow the link bml munjal university reviews

  • Mrinal Anand 30 Nov 2019

    Though I am a Btech from a diff engineering college but I can answer your question on BML Munjal University review because one of my close friends studied here. Let me first say that the curriculum is relevant in today's rapidly changing tech environment ( BTW it has been co-designed by Imperial College London). You spend a lot of time learning hands-on. Which I think is a must for engineering students. Also, you will meet some great professors and IMO you can learn great insights from them. Here I have added my views on how a BTech degree from BML University can help you 1) Alumni You will be surprised to know the benefits of having a great network of alumni members. And BML has it. I can tell you from my friend’s experience. Not only can your seniors help you get clarity on certain subject-related areas but also help you network with people who, in turn, can help you land your dream job. Read BML Munjal University Reviews - Alumni to know about placement opportunities and their experience about the university. 2) Internships Internships make you industry-ready. Unlike in classrooms, you’ll work on real projects during internships which will help you get acquainted with the current market trends. Internships with big companies help you learn in-demand technical skills and make you job-ready. BML University offers some great internship programs with big companies. The bigger the company names, the better the value. Aishwarya Bhatia's answer to Does BML Munjal University really offer good internships to students? ???? Read to know about internship opportunities. 3) Credibility Earning a BTech degree from a credible engineering college gives a boost to your technical career. Students who have completed their BTech from a credible college get more recognition in the industry as compared to others. I think this point is very important - since you asked about the BML Munjal University review, let me tell you that the college is associated with the Hero Group. And Hero Group is one of the most recognized industry names in India. Also, Hero MotoCorp provides internship and placement opportunities for the students. 4) Safety It’s an important factor. College is a place to build friendships and memories that last for a lifetime. Ragging is banned by a ruling of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. BML university has strict anti-ragging policies such as fine, suspension and expulsion, and lodging police action. 5) Placement record Big companies such as Dell, TCS, Wipro, and Hero come for placements. They have a good track record when it comes to placements. And the salary package is on par with the industry standards. 6) Good environment My friend was an outstation student and was very worried when he came to BML. But in a few days, he felt comfortable. He told me that the college environment was awesome. He told me that the college has student ambassadors - who basically help you adjust to the new life. Also, infrastructure wise, you will find that BML University reviews are great. They have modern classrooms, 3D printer ( a big thing for a college to have), labs like IBM and Robotics. The hostel rooms are pretty good. And the food at the mess is varied and great. Arihant Jain's answer to How was BML Munjal University? - Overall all BML Munjal University Review.