What is the schedule of coursework classes for agriculture programmes?

What is the schedule of coursework classes for agriculture programmes? ?

Akshita kapoor , 16 Nov 2023

5 Answers

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Lovely Professional University (LPU) offers both full-time and part-time alternatives for their Ph.D. program. With a strong commitment to providing an exceptional environment for research and development across all subject areas, LPU fosters innovation and critical thinking. The university offers a wide range of research activities, attracting highly qualified and motivated researchers. Aspiring doctoral candidates can take advantage of the National Entrance and Scholarship Test (LPUNEST) specifically designed for Ph.D. applicants. Since its inception in 2009, the LPUNEST has seen a significant number of students, exceeding 50,000, participating each year. In light of the current situation, LPU prioritizes the health and safety of candidates by adhering to the directives issued by the central government to combat the increasing number of infection cases in India. In order to ensure a comprehensive learning experience, all students enrolled in the Ph.D. program at LPU are required to complete a mandatory course work. This course work consists of a minimum of 14 credits and is to be completed during the initial one or two semesters of the program. The university has prescribed a set of three courses for the course work: Foundations of Research and Publication Ethics, Research Methodology, and Research Writing and Presentation Skills. Additionally, there is a Research Seminar course included. Attendance is a crucial aspect of the course work, with a minimum of 75% aggregate attendance being mandatory. The evaluation parameters for the course work are similar to those of regular programs offered by the university. To successfully complete the course work of the Ph.D. program at LPU, candidates must meet certain requirements. The minimum passing marks for the course work is an aggregate of 55% in the individual courses, with a minimum of 40% in the final end term examination. These standards ensure that students have a strong foundation in their research and academic skills before proceeding further in their doctoral journey. By emphasizing the importance of course work, LPU aims to equip its Ph.D. candidates with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel in their respective fields of research. Hope this helps.

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Lovely Professional University (LPU) provides a dynamic and adaptable coursework structure, offering students the flexibility of choosing from two distinct options. The details and tentative schedule for these options are outlined on the Course Work page. The first option caters to students seeking a structured and comprehensive academic experience. This option is designed to provide a well-defined pathway through the coursework, ensuring that students acquire a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The curriculum is carefully crafted to cover essential topics and is delivered through a systematic schedule. The second option is tailored for students who prefer a more flexible and personalized approach to their coursework. This option allows students to have greater control over their learning journey, enabling them to choose courses and modules that align with their specific interests and career goals. The curriculum under this option is designed to accommodate individual preferences and timelines. The tentative schedule, available on the Course Work page, serves as a guide for students to plan their academic activities effectively. It outlines key milestones, deadlines, and important events related to the coursework, ensuring that students can manage their time efficiently and stay on track with their academic progress. In essence, LPU's approach to coursework is characterized by its commitment to providing students with choices that suit their learning preferences. Whether following a structured pathway or opting for a more flexible trajectory, students can navigate their academic journey at LPU with a clear understanding of the coursework options available to them.

We offer flexible course work in two different options and tentative schedule is mentioned on the Course work page.