What is the procedure to study abroad

What is the procedure to study abroad? ?

Komal , 07 Apr 2018

1 Answers

Check the below link for all the information you needed to study abroad. For more details, Visit : study in uk

What is the procedure to study abroad ?

Roshan , 05 Jul 2018

1 Answers

Academic – You should atleast have a basic bachelors level graduation degree. This could be an engineering degree (B.E, B.Tech), B.Sc., B.Com, B.A. or in any other discipline. A full-time degree from a reputed university is preferred. However, some MBA colleges may also accept correspondence and distance education. You’ll have to submit your academic transcripts which include semester-wise marks for each subject that was covered in your degree. Work experience - Work experience is one of the most important criterion for business school admission. Admission to the best business schools in MBA programs requires a couple of years of work experience. Follow the link : study abroad