What is the future scope of civil engineering

What is the future scope of civil engineering ?

Shipra , 28 Feb 2018

2 Answers

After graduating, a career in Civil Engineering shall be highly rewarding. At NCU Department is delighted to share that this year students are placed Nationally and Internationally with very good companies like OYO, Zomato, Express Roadways, Seafaradays, Global Foyers, Shobha developers (Dubai), etc. with a package ranging from 4 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs per annum. NCU's students are successful entrepreneurs with turnover in crores, few opted for higher studies in USA, Canada, London, Australia. Visit: https://www.ncuindia.edu

I won't be as pessimistic as my fellow civil engineers and say with confidence that civil engineering has a great scope in India. Our infrastructure is not nearly good enough to be termed as world class. As cities around India slowly expand, the need for civil engineers becomes automatically obvious. The need of the hour is to improve the quality of civil engineering in the country. As of now, most construction companies do not trust civil engineering freshers.This has to change in order to make civil engineering seem a more lucrative option as it does now.