What is the difference between technology vs engineering

What is the difference between technology vs engineering ?

Andy , 28 Feb 2018

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In addition, pressure spots can be distracting technology and reduce the overall aesthetic appeal of the screen, which can be particularly problematic for professionals who rely on their screens for work.

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    Technology and engineering are closely related fields, but they have distinct focuses and roles. Here are the key differences between technology and engineering: Technology: Focus: Technology primarily deals with the application and use of knowledge and tools to solve practical problems and meet human needs. It involves the development and utilization of tools, devices, systems, and techniques. Application-Oriented: Technology is often more application-oriented. It focuses on creating products, systems, or solutions that address specific needs or problems, such as smartphones, software applications, medical devices, or transportation systems. https://idm-crack.com/

While engineering encapsulates the entire process of making a product, technology refers to the core principle which makes the product unique. For e.g, if an person is a making a butt joint between two metals, the engineering process behind this would include facing and polishing the metal, welding the metal and finally tempering and chipping away any excrement metal. This was the engineering process. The technology behind the butt joint is simply welding. In essence, technology defines the core of an engineered product.