What is the best choice for engineering LPU Amity or CU

What is the best choice for engineering LPU Amity or CU ?

Kapil , 09 Feb 2018

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Hi, both the universities are good in their position. It's just depends on the applicants to further proceed with his or her goals. When comparing universities for higher education, LPU stands out as somewhat better option, particularly in placements and affordable distance learning. LPU offers a wide range of B.Tech specializations such as EEE, EE, ECE, Robotics and Automation, CSE, IT, and more. Its #ThinkBig concept and innovative curriculum attract top global brands like Microsoft, Amazon, and Goldman Sachs for campus recruitment, ensuring excellent career opportunities for students. Affiliated with UGC, NCTE, CoA, PCI, and a member of AIU and ACU, LPU maintains high educational standards and credibility. The highest CTC of Rs. 62.72 Lacs for CSE/IT students by Eightfold highlights LPU's strong placement record. With over 1000 companies visiting annually, LPU ensures a robust platform for students to excel in their careers.

Lovely Professional University (LPU) stands out in the realm of engineering education with several notable advantages. First, its expansive infrastructure is a key asset, comprising modern laboratories, well-equipped classrooms, and dedicated research facilities. This infrastructure supports hands-on learning experiences and enables students to engage deeply in practical applications of theoretical concepts. Moreover, LPU's emphasis on industry collaboration enhances the educational experience by facilitating internships, industrial visits, and guest lectures from industry experts. This exposure not only enhances practical knowledge but also prepares students for the demands of the professional world. Secondly, LPU offers a diverse range of engineering programs across various disciplines, catering to the evolving needs of the industry and ensuring that students have ample choices to align their education with their career aspirations. The university's strong focus on holistic development includes opportunities for international exposure through exchange programs and collaborations with global institutions. Additionally, LPU has a robust placement record, with students securing placements in leading multinational corporations and esteemed organizations, both nationally and internationally. This combination of infrastructure, industry ties, diverse program offerings, and strong placement support makes LPU a preferred destination for aspiring engineers seeking a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

Dear Reader Being an alumna of LPU, I can say about it. I have been in LPU for 3 years and have so many friends from B.Tech, (CSE), Electronics and Communication Technology. (ECE), Information Technology (IT), Automotive Engineering (AE), Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering (CE), Chemical Engineering (CHE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) ), biotechnology (BT ), robotics and automation. One of the top graduate schools for engineering, LPU offers a wide range of engineering subjects. LPU has achieved notable rankings, ranking 6th in India for Computer Science subjects and 12th in India for Life Sciences and Engineering subjects in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2024. Lovely Professional University (LPU) has received coveted accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP) in the US, demonstrating its dedication to global standards and academic achievement. This accreditation reflects the status of LPU and its strong connections abroad, including partnerships with prestigious institutions like the University of North Alabama and Livingstone College. LPU, which occupies a vast 600 acres, is home to a varied student body that comes from all across India and beyond. Entering its grounds creates the impression of entering a thriving, multicultural community, which enhances the atmosphere for cross-cultural communication and education. Students' academic experience is enhanced by this diversity, which also equips them to succeed in a globalised society. LPU is a cutting-edge university that embraces the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and incorporates AI technology into its research and academic programmes. LPU develops students' abilities, interests, and leadership qualities via a wide range of activities, contests, clubs, and societies. This results in a vibrant campus environment that embraces variety and promotes creativity. In LPU, the program engineering is planned as per the trends of market in a way: 1) Students can take optional engineering minor courses (e.g. automotive, robotics, cyber security) to enhance their professional abilities. The curriculum is thoughtfully developed to meet international standards and emphasises industry learning. 2) Seminars and project-based courses aim to develop technical and presentation abilities. Real-world issues can be faced by students through practical learning experiences like trainings, projects, and guest lectures organised in partnership with industry. 3). In terms of internships, LPU B.Tech students have secured placement in prestigious companies like Google, Amazon, Eightfold.ai, IBM, Infosys, Cisco, and many more. The programme also facilitates credit transfer opportunities by allowing students to begin their engineering studies at LPU and complete them through partnerships established at a foreign university.

hi Lovely Professional University (LPU) is known for its engineering programs and has several aspects that make it a good choice to pursue engineering studies: 1. **Wide Range of Majors:** LPU offers undergraduate programs (B.Tech) in various engineering fields such as Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology. and many others. This versatility allows students to choose a major that matches their interests and career goals. 2. **Quality Education:** LPU engineering programs are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in theoretical concepts, practical skills and industry-related knowledge. The curriculum is regularly updated according to technological developments and industry requirements. 3. **Experienced Lecturers:** LPU has a group of experienced and qualified lecturers who are experts in their field. They provide students with guidance, mentoring and industry-specific expertise, ensuring a high standard of education and skill development. 4. **Infrastructure:** The LPU campus is equipped with modern infrastructure including state-of-the-art laboratories, workshops, research centers, computer facilities and design studios. This infrastructure supports hands-on learning, experiments, projects and hands-on training. 5. **Industry Collaboration:** LPU collaborates with leading industries, organizations and research institutes. These collaborations provide students with opportunities for internships, industry projects, guest lectures, and exposure to real project problems and solutions. 6. **Experiential Learning:** LPU emphasizes hands-on learning through industry visits, workshops, seminars, hackathons, competitions and projects. Students have access to tools, software and equipment that enable them to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical environment. 7. **Entrepreneurial Opportunities:** LPU encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in engineering students. It provides support to start-ups, incubators and mentoring programs to foster entrepreneurial skills and creativity. 8. **Placement Support:** LPU placement unit is actively working to connect engineering students with job opportunities in reputed companies and organizations. To improve the employability of the students, the placement cell conducts recruitments, mock interviews, conducts workshops and skill development programmes. 9. **Global Exposure:** LPU offers international exchange programs, collaboration with foreign universities and participation in global events and competitions. This exposure helps students broaden their perspectives, gain cross-cultural experiences and build global networks. Overall, LPU provides an environment conducive to engineering education with a focus on academic excellence, hands-on learning, industrial relevance, innovation and career opportunities. Students interested in engineering at LPU will benefit from its comprehensive programs and supportive ecosystem.

Both are two recognized universities in providing higher education but LPU is undoubtedly better is considered better in terms of providing better placement and also providing affordable distance learning courses. With Quality of Education, Placements in LPU is also amazing, with the top brand in the world coming for Campus Recruitment provides great opportunities to its students and because of its #ThinkBig concept and various innovations in curriculum.More than 1000+ companies come every year to the campus including the companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Bosch, Capgemini, Amazon, etc. LPU is affiliated with the University Grants Commission, the National Council for Teacher Education and the Council of Architecture and the Pharmacy Council of India. It is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU),the Bar Council of India. (ACBSP) and a member of(ACU). LPU offers B.Tech courses with various specialisations such as EEE, EE, ECE, Robotics and Automation, CE, CSE, Automotive Design, Aerospace E, IT, Mechatronics, etc, and many more. The maximum package availed for CTC Rs. 62.72 Lacs availed by CSE/IT students from Eightfold.

Dear candidate, While there are several commendable institutions, my recommendation is Lovely Professional University (LPU). LPU is a versatile educational institution offering over 145 programs in both Regular and ODL modes within a cutting-edge, high-tech campus environment. The campus is a self-contained world, accommodating 30,040 students in regular mode and 31,273 in ODL mode, including a diverse international community of 3,500+ students from over 50 countries such as Tanzania, Ghana, Japan, Lithuania, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Maldives, Bhutan, Indonesia, Namibia, Nepal, South Africa, Swaziland, and more. The faculty and staff count stands at 4,500+. Established under The Lovely Professional University Act, 2005 (Punjab Act no. 25 of 2005), LPU is recognized by UGC and is a proud member of the Association of Indian Universities, Association of Commonwealth Universities (UK), and International Association of Universities (France). LPU boasts global-standard infrastructure, internationally aligned curricula, a vibrant student body, innovative teaching methods emphasizing participative and experiential learning, a strong focus on research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, numerous international collaborations, accomplished faculty, an active academia-industry interface, and excellent sports and residential facilities. Noteworthy Achievements: LPU holds a position among the top 100 in both Overall and University categories according to the NIRF-2020 rankings. It is the first private university in India to receive ICAR accreditation for agriculture programs, with impressive GPAP scores. Strategic partnerships with major companies like Google, Microsoft, NSE, WileyNext, Cadence, Novotel, Bosch, and Canon contribute to a strong industry orientation and enhanced employability. Over 1,400 unique companies participated in placements from 2014-2018, including renowned names such as Amazon, HUL, Adobe, Verizon, and VMWARE. The university has formed 150+ ties with institutions from 40+ countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. LPU hosted the 106th Indian Science Congress, inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, featuring the participation of three Nobel laureates among 15,000 international/national delegates. This event significantly motivated faculty, improved networking, and boosted research output. The university's research infrastructure and supportive policies led to the publication of 9,132 research papers, 22,703 book chapters, and 395 patents.

Hello reader, I hope you are doing well, Lovely Professional University (LPU) stands out as a preferred choice for pursuing engineering due to its comprehensive approach to education, industry-oriented curriculum, and focus on holistic student development. Here are some key factors that make LPU a strong contender for engineering aspirants: Industry-Aligned Curriculum: LPU's engineering curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring students gain relevant knowledge and skills. Experiential Learning: LPU emphasizes hands-on learning through internships, industry projects, and collaborations with corporate partners, providing students with real-world experience. Skill Development Programs: LPU offers various skill development programs and workshops to help engineering students acquire additional skills beyond their core curriculum, making them more competitive. Global Exposure: LPU encourages international student exchange programs, collaborations with foreign universities, and opportunities for engineering students to participate in international conferences and events. Placement Record: LPU boasts a strong placement record for engineering graduates, with top companies from various sectors consistently recruiting LPU students. With its industry-aligned curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, and strong placement record, LPU provides a conducive environment for aspiring engineers to develop the skills and knowledge required for successful careers in the dynamic engineering landscape. I hope the information shared by me was helpful to you! Thank you:)

LPU receives highest NAAC grade i.e. A++ with 3.68 crore on 4 point scale as per the Ministry of Education , Government of India LPU, ranked as India's top engineering institution, is located in Punjab and offers a unique teaching method through practice-based and project-oriented learning. In its vast campus, the university is equipped with cutting-edge technology to give the most efficient teaching techniques. LPU is the ideal location to get an engineering degree because of its highly skilled faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge technology.LPU is well known for its placements packages, every year more than 500 companies including national and multinational companies visit LPU for placement.The major recruiters are- TCS, Infosys Technologies, Keane India, L&T Infotech, Hughes Communication, Nokia- Siemens Network, Vodafone, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Cipla Ltd., Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Adobe, and many more to mention in which students of LPU are placed.

All universities are right in place. But as a student of the LPU would like I mention that the LPU is a hell of better. I already have the view factor of all universities. Rating, education, placement, epoch and infrastructure in each item LPU is better. Ranking: If I speak an approximate score then LPU is below top one hundred between all personal and authorities’ university. What shook me this year at the maximum is the rating current bias to span the worlds college rating again between all authorities and personal University. Placements: maximum crucial thing that the applicant at the university/technical college even during can see entering. So, in a lovely professional university of 100 students 90-95 students get a place. Especially at B. tech, the best sales package was converted to 64lac consistent with year. In control was 21lacs consistent with year. So in my factor to see your super programs than browse them to any other span University. Infrastructure: There are inexperienced regions within span university in my extraordinary regions, conference room with air conditioning, Google- Lab, IMAC Lab , Moot Court, best Artwork Lab, Farmland, Area Center, Play Areas and all boys and girls hostel.

Dear aspirant All these institutes are good in many terms. LPU is the best choice to pursue career in engineering as LPU has an impressive track record of academic, placement, entrepreneurship and related support services which have resulted in spectacular all-round achievements and healthy career progression of students. LPU has 47 NIRF Rankings in 2022 among all government and private universities in India. LPUs School of Engineering is ranked in the top 51 institutions in India. You can go on for LPU without any second opinion. At LPU, highly experienced faculty strives hard to build students’careers in the upcoming technologies. The students are bestowed with success specialists who mentor and nurture students to reach their educational goals by the wealth of information and resources. LPU provides ample opportunities to each and every eligible student to secure good placement with the help of a dedicated Division of Career Services. The companies that hire LPU students through campus recruitment programmes have also appreciated LPU for its talented students and setting up placement records. Cognizant and Capgemini recognized LPU for generating Highest No. of Placement Offers in North India for the session 2020-21 with them. The multi national companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, L&T, IBM, Pega, Bosch, CISCO, Siemens, Cadence, Texas Instruments, Dell EMC, CompTIA, Vmware IT Academy, PEGA, Automation Anywhere, ASSOCHAM GEN, Informatica, NSE Academy, Cooper Surgical, Aitodesk, WileyNXT, Virtusa, Safeducate, Bioclues Organization, Hughes, Xebia, Transorg, GeeksforGeeks, Tech Mahindra, Glass Academy, Omron, ImaginXP, Samsung Research Institute, Securonix, upGrad, Techno Struct, SmurAgro, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, NITTTR, Cyient, Juniper Networks, CMC Hospital, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Healium.io, Simplilearn, and KPIT, SAP Labs, Bentley, CISI-Intellivistio, etc. have setup their Centres of Excellence at LPU, where students get an opportunity to get trained by them from inside the campus. At Lovely Professional University, you can opt for different career pathways such as preparing for GATE, study abroad, corporate job, etc so that changes are done in your curriculum accordingly. To achieve the same on regular basis special coaching lectures, seminars, counselling sessions are organized by the experts. These inputs are largely divided into credited and non-credited inputs. The syllabi of credited inputs are mapped with various competitive exams like GATE, SSC, UPSC, CSIR – NET. Non-Credited inputs include practice tests in collaboration with AMCAT, Co-Cubes, Bulls Eye, MyPerfectice. At LPU you will also get opportunity to study abroad through a series of international study programs with partner universities ranging from going abroad for a short duration to getting a degree from a partner University. LPU's international division helps the students to pick a study abroad program which fulfils their career aspirations and helps them to accomplish their goals in life On an average, more than 1000 companies visit every year for various industry-academia activities and campus-recruitment of students from LPU. LPU students have been working in more than 1800 reputed companies across the globe. In 2022 more than 90% of the B.Tech. students of LPU have been placed in MNCs. Yasir M of B.Tech CSE bagged a record breaking package of ? 3 Crore per annum, Harekrishna Mahto is placed at ? 64 lakhs per annum and many more.The highest package availed by Engineering (CSE) Student Ms. Tanya Arora is 42 LPA for batch 2019 by Microsoft. For 2023 session you need to qualify LPUNEST for being eligible to take admission to BTech provided your score in 10+2 is ?60% with (English , Physics & Mathematics). To reduce the burden of expenses you can also opt for Earn while you Learn opportunities available on-campus. So all you need to do is to maintain a good academic record, and LPU will provide you the platform to ensure your placement and brighten your future. Wish you all the best.

Being a student of LPU,I know more about it and highlight some of the facts of LPU: #LPU being in education since last 19 years has fetched many rankings to its credit as compared to any other institute. The university has been ranked high by outer agencies also with regard to placements of our students. #Several big brands of the industry have visited LPU campus during academic sessions. # Students are also provided with on job trainings, industrial exposures inculcating in them modern management skills. #LPU believes in delivering the quality, for same, it has hired faculty from the reputed institutes like IITs, NITs. The syllabus is vetted from the company officials of Cognizant, Microsoft etc. To provide updated curriculum. #The centre for Professional enhancement of LPU aims at developing new skill sets to its students besides improving their existing skills and competencies. The students get trained in Logical Reasoning, Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Soft Skills by professional faculties. LPU provides various opportunities which range from one-day workshops to a semester-long academic course which improves the learning experiences of its students. #LPU has his own space shuttle programme, where students and faculty members are working on satellite programme with the joint help of ISRO. #If you consider placements, LPU outperforms in that as well by assisting the student to get the highest package by making the student prepare for the placements. I tell you a girl named Tanya got placed in Microsoft at 42 LPA and many more students got hefty packages which I doubt students have cracked at the other mentioned institute. As I mentioned there is no comparison but if you still want my opinion, LPU is the right option. #LPU believes in transforming the India through transforming education. The very first step towards achieving this transformation is by providing a healthy, supportive and secure atmosphere for the students to study in. This makes the university one of the safest campus in India and contributes to the progress and well being of the country's youth. There are also many achievements of LPU which makes it different from any other university in the entire India.

Lovely professional university is among the top institute for engineering programs. LPU Is Ranked 36th Amongst Top Universities In India As Per Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 and NIRF rank LPU faculty of engineering 66th among all the Government and private institutes. BTECH CSE provide competitive edge through robust curriculum, professional certification, Industrial oriented training and hands-on learning of technology with strong focus on algorithms, programming languages, program design etc. the university key focus is on placement through Career pathways: University offers career pathway option to student like Corporate jobs, Government jobs, Entrepreneurship, higher studies and many more. So, as per the career pathway selected by the student university will groom him or her. Boost to entrepreneurship: Upto Rs. 20,000/- per student for Designing a Program/ Software/ Mobile App. Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs per project for StartUp/ Entrepreneurial Venture. Upto Rs. 10000/- Seed Grant for Innovation/ Research activities. Professional enhancement: with dedicated Division of Career Services (team of about 40 persons), Center for Professional Enhancement and faculty/staff from parent Schools. University have special orientation toward the development of soft skills of the student through presentations and participation in group discussion. University focus on overall development of the student. Recognition: Even the companies that hire LPU students through campus recruitment programs have appreciated LPU talented students and set up placement records, like… Infosys appreciated LPU for its hard-work and committed efforts to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Cognizant recognized LPU for generating Highest No. of Placement Offers in North India for the session 2020-21 with Cognizant. Capgemini recognized LPU for generating Highest No. of Placement Offers in North India for the session 2020-21 with Capgemini Rankings: The university has been ranked high by various neutral agencies with regard to placements of our students. Aspiring Minds presented the National Employability Award 2022 to LPU for being amongst the Top 10% Institutes in India that excelled in AMCAT for the 2nd consecutive year, basis the students performance. Career 360 has rated LPU as India’s Best Engineering College 2019 with AAA+ rank. LPU is ranked 10th Best Training and Placements Institutions in India for 2019 by The Knowledge Review Industry Tie-ups: Universities have Tie-up with world renowned brands and University BTECH CSE Students has been placed and working with brands like: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Single AI Platform for all Talent ( Single AI Platform for all Talent (http://eightfold.ai/) · ), Optmyzr, IBM, Infosys, Cloudera, Lowes India, CISCO, D.E Shaw India, Oracle, Cognizant, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Amdocs, Informatica, Infineon, Goodera, Rentomojo, Qualcomm, Dell, Deloitte, Drishti Soft Solutions, Tek Systems, Interviewbit (Scaler), LG Soft India, PEGA, Tavisca Solution, Hitachi Consulting and many more. · Placement package: LPU BTEC CSE student Harekrishna Mahto, B.Tech. CSE student has been placed with the tech-giant at a grand package of a whopping 64 Lakhs, Sanjay Gandhi at 48 Lakhs package. Himanshu Kumar (B.Tech. CSE) of the class of 2022 also got placed with Amazon at a whopping package of 46.4 Lakhs. The average placement package of btech cse is 6.2LPA.

Hi there, all three universities are good. LPUs B Tech programs are well designed for the global market. Good Faculty, state of the art facilities and good exposure to the students has made LPU one of the best universities. This is the reason why students from across the country and globe come to LPU to study various engineering programmes. There are provisions of international credits in some programmes where a student gets an opportunity to go abroad to study. The university has given immense facilities to the students of the B Tech program that has left the other universities simply in awe. LPU provides online access to research journals, leading company annual reports, and business dissertations with design analysis for ERP. The Design and Development of software and databases for data analysis is also available. There is an Option to opt for industry-relevant and industry-delivered skills to enhance placement prospects. There are student-driven activities for leadership and technological development. LPU has Software exhibitions on applications and research projects. There is backup and support by top companies for academics and curriculum like Microsoft, IBM, Cognizant, etc. LPU always designed the innovative pedagogy of the courses based on Industry standards only. Based on the same students are getting Industry ready from Day one. LPU offers B.Tech courses with various specialisations such as EEE, EE, ECE, Robotics and Automation, CE, CSE, Automotive Design, Aerospace E, IT, Mechatronics, Mechanical, etc, and many more. Fortune 500 Companies have hired around 4500 students from Lovely Professional University. The wide array of employers that hire LPU students is remarkable, representing LPU students' potential and ingenuity in shaping the LPU Vertos have secured placement offers from Google. Recently, an LPU student Hare Krishna of B Tech CSE got placed in Google with 64 LPA this year. The placement season from LPU becomes the favourite landing place for top recruiters like Cognizant Technology Solutions, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Amazon, Bosch Engineering, Tata Consultancy Services, Federal Bank, and many more! In engineering, the NIRF rank of LPU is 66. The eligibility for B Tech s is 60 percent in the qualifying exam. However, (5% relaxation to North-East states and Sikkim candidates or Defence Personnel and their Dependents or Wards of Kashmiri Migrants) is given.

CU is relatively new, so I would be careful before hedging my bets there. When it come to LPU and Amity, you should consider a few factors. If you live near LPU or relatively near compared to Amity University Noida, I don't see any point in going to Amity. Similarly if you live in the Delhi-NCR region, I find no reason for you to go to LPU. Both colleges are very similar in terms of quality of academics and placement. Thus, between LPU, Amity and CU, I'd advice you to make a call between LPU and Amity based on whichever is closer to your home. You can also refer to the article in the link below. https://www.reviewadda.com/institute/article/120/lpu-vs-amity-vs-cu