What is Mody University's fee structure for some of its mainstream programs

What is Mody University's fee structure for some of its mainstream programs ?

Siddhartha singh jadaun , 17 Mar 2018

2 Answers

The Mody University was established in the year 2004 by Shri. R.P.Mody. He is a true visionary who took an idea ahead of his time and founded Mody University exclusively for Women. His philanthropic attributes, operated in terms of social and psychological promotion of the women community, led him to impart his proposed vision through practical infrastructure. The University instils the thought that is fully capable of orienting knowledge and information in a scientific manner in the minds of the common mass. This acts as a boon towards the development of a 21st century perspective of the knowledge acquisition process implemented within the university. Vision To be an institute of professional learning compared to the best in the world, with special commitment to women education and cultural heritage of India. Mission Committed to excellence, the institute seeks to impart knowledge and develop skills in women to become professionals, well versed in modern technology and management practices while imbibing social sensitivity and environmental consciousness for the betterment of self and society. Here I am sharing the whole fees structure please visit university website.

The fee structures for some of the courses offered at Mody University are given below: 1. B.Tech (four years) - INR 2.2 Lakhs per year 2. MBA (two years) - INR 2.47 Lakhs per year 3. BA (three years) - INR 1.29 Lakhs per year 4. B.Sc (three years) - INR 1.29 Lakhs per year