What B.Sc. colleges can I apply for at this point all over India

What B.Sc. colleges can I apply for at this point all over India ?

Kaushal Kumar , 10 Aug 2019

1 Answers

I didn’t got your question exactly, What you really want to ask. If you will clarify this question more you can write a comment below. From what I understand I would suggest you to take admission in Invertis University for B.Sc. Course. This is what mentioned on their website “The natural world is full of things we don’t understand—that’s what makes it so interesting! Science is a study that engages in a “dialogue with Nature” to understand the principles and laws working in the natural world. We at Faculty of Science strive to unravel the mysteries of nature, starting by asking simple questions such as “Why?” and “How?” When you solve even just one of these mysteries, your excitement and emotions will reach new heights! Science can be a base block for modern technologies, but this is not only reason why science is important. The understanding of Nature forms a basis for our concepts of nature and the universe. Science teaches us how much it is important for humans to coexist with nature. In addition, science sometimes gives us wisdom to cope with the fury of nature. One could say that through these channels, science contributes to the safety of society and to peace of mind. In this way, science is the most fundamental building block of culture that humans have accumulated for generations. In other words, the development of science brings about the refinement of our perspective on nature and encourages us to open the future. The Faculty of Science aspires to be a premier academic unit, recognized for the significance, novelty, and impact of its research, and for the quality, relevance, and currency of its academic programs. We value excellence in research and scholarly pursuits, high-quality teaching, enthusiasm for discovery, cooperation and collaboration.” They Offer Courses Bachelors, Masters and Doctors: Bachelor Degree Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honors) Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Honors) Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Honors) Bachelor of Science (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design Master Degree Master of Science in Mathematics Master of Science in Physics Master of Science in Chemistry Doctorate/Ph.D Degree Ph.D. (Chemistry) Ph.D. (Mathematics) Ph.D. (Physics) I hope you got all your answers. Good Luck…