What are the whatsApp 7 secret features you need to know about

What are the whatsApp 7 secret features you need to know about ?

Andy , 13 Mar 2018

1 Answers

Whatsapp has pulled out all the stops for this update. With some eye-popping increase in functionality, Whatsapp 7 is introducing some game changing features. Some of them have been listed below: 1. Watching YouTube videos within the whatsapp platform without having to switch apps. Users can click on the given YouTube link after which the video will start playing in a small window within Whatsapp itself. This integration with YouTube can be seen as a great move by the texting service. 2. Making payments: PayTm execs must be sweating through their suits right now. Whatsapp has been flirting with idea of adding a payment feature on its platform. With this version of Whatsapp, it seems that feature has arrived. Users will be able to make payments by selecting the payments option which would be nailed right where users usually attach files from. Additionally, the payment made will be directly routed to the recipient's account. 3. Recalling sent message: Users will be given the option of recalling sent message within a given time frame. The number being bandied around is 4096 seconds, which seems like a decent lump of time for a person to recall a message.