What are the details of Parul University fee structure for BTech course

What are the details of Parul University fee structure for BTech course ?

Shipra , 10 Mar 2018

2 Answers

Dear aspirant I don't have any idea about the fee structure of this university. The basic fee of B.Tech at Lovely Professional University (LPU) is Rs. 1,20,000 per semester. At LPU the fee is as per the caliber of the student. It varies with the student’s score and achievements in the previous academic record as well as their performance in LPUNEST. Lovely Professional University strongly believes in the fact that monetary constraints should not be an obstacle for a student to have access to quality education. So, the University extends Scholarship Scheme which is an initiative by the University to cultivate the talent of students that may be hidden due to financial constraints. Scholarship can be availed in all the Programmes of the University, ranging from Diploma to Ph.D. Apart from the scholarship schemes, The scholarship is offered in all the programmes in order to provide financial benefit to bright and deserving students. During the last year, LPU has granted scholarships worth INR 100+ crores to students (maximum up to 6 lacs per student) to pursue their education. The scholarship percentage varies programme-wise as per the students' scores. LPU also offers financial aid to the students belonging to underprivileged students like orphans, persons with disability etc. or some specific groups like Wards of Defence personnel etc.Lovely Professional University launched LPUNEST Study Grant to benefit any deserving candidate from across the country who needs financial support for getting higher education. Under ‘LPUNEST Study Grant’ initiative students can avail financial assistance to study at higher education institutions other than LPU. Any deserving candidate who Qualifies LPUNEST exam can get a study grant of Rs.1 Lac for study education institutions like IITs/ NITs/ IIMs/ NLUs/ IHMs/ NIDs/ IITs (DoD/ IDC)/ IIITDM/ NIFTs or can get admission to LPU programmes and avail scholarship of upto Rs.6 Lac.

Parul University is kind of like the new kid on the block. Its first BTech batch will be graduating next year as students eagerly wait for how their institution will approach the upcoming placement season.for final year students. The fee for B.Tech course at Parul University is INR 90k per year.