What are the best private universities for an MBA

What are the best private universities for an MBA ?

Kaushal Kumar , 18 Jul 2019

2 Answers

The NorthCap University is the best private university for an MBA. NCU-SOM MBA Program will provide a platform to students to learn, understand and develop holistic approach to application of management theory and practice for real life problem solving in an increasingly global, technology oriented, diverse and dynamic business environment. Management graduates desirous of self-employment will be able to start their own business ventures or demonstrate their entrepreneurial capabilities for their employer organization. Management graduates with academic interest and aptitude will be able to actively pursue advanced studies and engage in research, teaching-learning or consultancy assignments. Highlights Holistic Learning through Multidisciplinary Approach Business Environment Insights Investigative, Research and Analytical Skills Digital proficiency Entrepreneurial Skills Professional Ethics Visit: https://www.ncuindia.edu

I would say that Invertis University is the best private university. Not just because they provide best academic courses but because they are good in everything. I was in invertis for 3 years and I got to know that this is the best college. MBA is a two years course in Invertis University, and they provide with various opprutunities to students in Management. Invertis provides MBA in two specializations: ? MBA - Financial Market with NSE ? MBA with Dual Specialization This is what mentioned on their website “At Invertis Institute of Management Studies, victory is the norm. We foresee the changes and prepare to tackle them beforehand. We understand that being dynamic is the key to success and that is where our updated course curriculum prepare our students to be market ready and take all the challenges of the ever-changing trends of global economy.”