What are my career options after failing in engineering

What are my career options after failing in engineering ?

Shivangi , 27 Feb 2018

1 Answers

If you’re thinking of dropping out of engineering, you’re not alone. Many students not only in India, but around the world drop out every year after becoming disillusioned with the path their life is taking. Before dropping out, I’d advise you you consider your options. What do you plan on doing after dropping out? Don’t think about what your parents or friends would say, rather think about what you will do. Unless you have made up your mind, do not drop out. There is no point in being at the mercy of the wind. Make up your mind over what exactly your plan is and move forward. Your career options after dropping out are many. Some of them are given below: 1. Pursuing a new degree If you feel you chose the wrong major in engineering, it might be a good idea to change your degree program and start fresh. 2. A startup Almost every great modern startup came from a group of students dropping out of college. Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft are all companies started by founders who dropped out of college. Even Jeff Bezos left his high paying job at Wall Street to open a little startup known as Amazon all those years ago. 3. Pursuing a vocational career Many students leave engineering to pursue vocational careers in fields such as writing, painting and other forms of art. If you feel you have all the attributes to build a career in such a field, go for it. Word to the wise, you should always be ready to be scrutinized in case you do pursue a career in vocational subjects.

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