Is Seth Godin's altMBA worth it

Is Seth Godin's altMBA worth it ?

Shipra , 15 Feb 2018

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Honestly, it depends on you. If you're willing to work hard and put in the extra shift for a month, altMBA is a good option. It is amazing how much ground they cover in just one month. Many of my friends who work in corparate took up the course and managed to learn a ton of new stuff they didn't know otherwise. If you're plaaning to start your own business or even currently running your enterprise, altMBA is a very good option.

  • Deborah Chang 26 Jun 2020

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  • Essie Hale 28 Feb 2020

    hmmm ... I too am a recent altMBA (7) alumni. I think it totally depends on the unique combination of where a person is at, how they respond to SethGodin's somewhat counter-cultural approach, if they absorbed (literally) the content and concepts in 7-8 books shipped to you a month in advance (no direction, up to participant what they do with it), and how quickly you get up-to-speed on the tech tools, weekly team work, every-other-day-posting to a student blog, and how much you embrace and wrestle with the 1/2 dozen pillars of the altMBA ... tension, facing the fear, empathy, sunk cost, constraints, our human irrationality, and ... shipping. If that clicks with where you find yourself personally, professionally, vocationally, transitionally? you're probably good ... the calibre of the people is awesome, the safety/trust in (on-line) community was remarkable, the on-going alumni network (pushing 1000 now, after 7x) remains connected and collaborative, and the altMBA has a completion rate north of 90% ... so it's working for lots of people. Check out the interview below w/ altMBA director about the design of it. Bottom line? it's called the alt(ernative)MBA for good reason ... it is quick (5 weeks), intense (modelling programme values and goals), cheap ($3K nowhere close to anything else for the experience, if it works for you, and you're in the satisfied 90% +), and based on what alumni are doing post altMBA? mostly achieving what it was designed for with the kind of people it was designed for. It's a niche, a good one, but not for everyone. My 2c worth. 8 ball pool free