Is non vegetarian food allowed at LPU

Is non vegetarian food allowed at LPU ?

Shivangi , 30 Jan 2018

8 Answers

NO, non-vegetarian food is allowed within university campus, but LPU has the non veg mess which is parked at extreme of university campus, where students can indulge in non-veg meals uninterruptedly.

This service was also offered by LPU. Without leaving the campus, one may now eat in a restaurant called "FOOD FACTORY" that is connected to BH-4 Big Ground and offers monitored and high-quality non-vegetarian food. Although students cannot bring their food into the university or take it home, this restaurant is under the supervision of LPU, and it offers high-quality meals and a large dining area. All faculty members and students may use this service.

Hi LPU is totally a veg campus with zero tolerance for non-veg within the university premises. LPU campus is loaded with several food courts, where you can enjoy your food as well as the company of your friends, at the same time. The food rates are fixed keeping the ‘students’ in mind. Thus, the prices are totally budget-friendly......

Dear student, LPU campus is vegetarian campus. But for the provision of Non veg food lpu have a specific Mess or canteen called Food factory has been opened. Where you can enjoy good quality non-veg food prepared following hygiene standards.

As of 2019, LPU has provided this service as well. A restaurant named “FOOD FACTORY” has been opened connecting with BH-4 Big Ground where one can enjoy supervised and quality non-vegetarian foods, without leaving the university. LPU is supervising this restaurant, while students cannot take away the food and bring it in the university, one can enjoy quality food in a spacious sitting area. All students, faculties can enjoy this service.