Is civil engineering a good career

Is civil engineering a good career ?

Aditya , 27 Feb 2018

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Civil Engineering is the mother of all other branches in Engineering. It is always-in Demand as Infrastructure development is directly related to the growth of the nation. Exposure to globalisation and modern living styles has made the work of Civil Engineers not only essential but also interesting and enchanting. A career in Civil Engineering can take student to great heights. Civil Engineers work in the heart of the busiest cities, see a skyscrapers, flyovers, metros, more efficient underground transport networks, and in the remotest parts of the planet, bringing fresh water and reliable infrastructure to those who need it most. There are a wide range of diverse careers under the umbrella of Civil Engineering, with great employment opportunities and excellent career towards bright future. Besides new constructions, as infrastructure continues to age, the requirement for civil engineers will grow as they will be needed to manage projects, rebuild bridges, repair roads, and upgrade levels and dams etc. Department of Civil Engineering at The NorthCap University was established in 2007. Department has been providing quality education and is among the most dynamic department in the University. Department is flourishing under the able guidance of Vice Chancellor Prof. H.B. Raghavendra who is Civil Engineer and PhD from IISC Bangalore. Department offers excellent programs like B.Tech in Civil Engineering with options of specialization in “Smart Infrastructure development” and “Construction and Project Management” and M.Tech with Specialization in “Structural Engineering”, “Construction Management” and “Environmental Engineering”. Department offers Ph.D. program in Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental Engineering, Waste Management. Department has produced 4 Ph.D.’s and presently 6 research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. Department is empowered with well-qualified experienced faculty and technicians. Faculty members have received funding of nearly Rs. 60 Lakhs from Department of Science and Technology for three different projects. Students are involved in these projects and motivated to do research work. We focus on quality of teaching, learning and innovation to develop competent Civil engineers with professional, analytical skills and ethical values. Department have NABL accredited state of the art laboratory for academic, research and consultancy purpose. Department is having MOU with Michigan Tech University; USA where student and faculty exchange program is available. International Internship is available for Students of Civil Engineering at Linton University Malaysia. To strengthen the graduate attributes we have designed the curriculum in line with the industry requirement. Unlike few years before, current Civil Engineers enjoy excellent facilities on site as well. Department conducts various technical and non-technical events where students can participate and explore their potential. Our strong Alumni connect help current students by sharing their experiences. They support our students and always help us to groom them in industry ready context. After graduating, career in Civil Engineering shall be highly rewarding. Department is delighted to share that this year students are placed Nationally and Internationally with very good companies like OYO, Zomato, Express Roadways, Seafaradays, Global Foyers, Shobha developers (Dubai) etc. with package ranging from 4 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs per annum. Our students are successful entreprenuers with turnover in crores, few opted for higher studies in USA, Canada, London, Australia. Visit:

Civil engineering is a good career in the same way acting is a good career: its only good if you reach the top. In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for civil engineers to find jobs in the core industry, This is especially true for civil engineering freshers who are often not hired with the same intensity as CS and IT engineers. If you're the topper of your civil branch and are swimming in offers from various mega-construction companies, civil engineering is a great career. If you're a normal student working in civil engineering department and you have to compromise with a low paying IT job, civil engineering is not the right choice.

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