How many student clubs are associated in MODY UNIVERSTY

How many student clubs are associated in MODY UNIVERSTY ?

Dharmesh Adhikari , 11 Jun 2019

1 Answers

In addition to studies, the students of Mody University also ensures the organization of several clubs and associations for arranging various events and activities within the university grounds. Well, there are several associations that have been formed by the students of the four colleges of Mody University. The College of Engineering & Technology consists of several clubs and organizations that consist of extremely talented & diligent students. These student clubs are assigned different tasks & have different features. The name & features of them are as follows:Utkarsh It organizes several events like game & Operating System programming, quizzes, etc. and also conducts workshops on upcoming technologies in the IT sector.Beacon It is a society by the students of Electronics & Communication Engineering. BEACON stands for “Batch of Engineers Acquiring Confidence over Novelty”.Karuna It is a social service group established in 2006 with sole objective of supporting and driving positive changes within educational institutions/ organizations focusing on children education and also community development.Robota A society of CET students established in 2009 provides a platform for the students to reveal technical intellect by organizing technical seminars, workshops etc.Anhata A cultural society of Mody University-CET established in 2010. It provides opportunities to the students to display their talent and enhance their cultural skills.Xperia A society for mathematical sciences, engineering technology & personality development established in 2010. Its mission is to bring out the latent talents of students for the welfare of the society.Athlon A society of Mody University-CET, founded in 2008, intends to develop and promote the sports & athletic activities of the students.EnginiumThis is one of the most powerful student presences in the university. Enginium magazine is run annually & brings out varied interests and knowledge bases of students. This magazine showcases the writing talents of the students which are often suppressed or do not come to the forefront. For admission: