How is the hostel facility in LPU?

How is the hostel facility in LPU? ?

Tanzeela Qadir , 28 Mar 2024

3 Answers

Being India’s largest university, LPU has the largest residential capacity in the world! With CCTVs set us at every corner, there is 100% safety within the campus as the university is very concerned about all the students. You can also find security guards everywhere on the campus for your security. The hostels of LPU are most comfortable and damn strict. Some of the facilities that are given in the hostels of LPU are Bed (Iron or Wooden Box), Almirah,Plastic Chair,Study Table,AC/ Cooler (As Applicable),Geyser,Attached Washroom,Mess Facility. In the LPU, there are 17 multi-story hostels, including luxury apartments. Each hostel has its own entrance and exit, as well as a mess, a tuck shop, and dedicated wardens and maintenance staff. In addition to all the amenities in the LPU Hostels, there are a few rules and regulations for reasons of safety and security. One of the biggest residential services in India is LPU. Here is your response: 1. Common room equipped with cable TV. 2. Ambulance service. 3. 24 X 7 Power Supply 4. 24 X 7 water supply. 5. Water cooler with a water purifier for safe drinking water. 6. 24 X 7 Security. 7. Wi-Fi Connectivity. 8. ATM’s within the hostel. 9. CCTV Support. 10. Tuck shops within the Hostels. 11. Many eating joints are near by Hostels at the walking distance. 12. Photostat (Xerox) shop is available within the hostel building. 13. 24 X 7 Maintenance support staff. etc

The university provides comprehensive residential facilities designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of its students. These amenities include shopping areas, gyms, indoor sports complexes, food courts, and green open spaces, all aimed at ensuring the well-being of students. The apartment-style housing options are tailored to meet the diverse needs of students, offering above-average living necessities. Students can enjoy a well-structured mess plan with dining halls in all residential facilities, serving high-quality and hygienic meals four times a day.LPUprepare over 100,000 meals daily, ensuring that students have access to nutritious food. For fitness enthusiasts, LPU offers exclusive gym facilities for hostel residents at subsidized rates on a yearly basis. Stay fit and healthy during your stay at LPU. LPU understands that students may need support beyond the classroom. That's why residential faculty and staff are available after hours to provide guidance and assistance, whether it's academic or life-related. Convenience is key, and in-house laundry services are available to students at nominal charges, making daily chores a breeze. Embrace your sporting spirit with state-of-the-art sports facilities, including swimming, shooting, and squash. Students can opt for yearly memberships to access these amenities. Your health is priority, which is why LPU has a 24-hour, 30-bed hospital on campus staffed with resident medical officers, medical labs, dieticians, and physiotherapists. THe vast library system spans 11 branches, offering over 2 million books and e-books across all subject fields, ensuring that you have access to the resources you need. Stay connected with the future of technology through our 5G-enabled campus, providing an unmatched IT infrastructure. Empower yourself by earning while you learn. Campus residents can take up part-time jobs in labs, libraries, sales, and shopping malls, gaining valuable experience and financial independence. Satisfy your culinary cravings at our kiosks located throughout the campus, offering a wide variety of cuisines, from South Indian to African and even Bhutanese. To facilitate your transportation needs,LPUprovide fast and convenient bus services from various corners of Punjab and nearby areas. Your journey to and from campus is hassle-free.

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