How is the hostel at MODY UNIVERSITY?

How is the hostel at MODY UNIVERSITY? ?

Dharmesh Adhikari , 11 Jun 2019

1 Answers

Living away from home is not easy. More often than not when someone moves away from home for studies, renting a place seems like a big task and that is when parents seem concerned to find decent lodgings with good facilities for their children. But coming to pursue any programme of study at Mody University turns to almost like a home experience, because when students stay on campus, in the hostels of the University, parents and above all students need not worry about any lodging or staying difficulty. They are very well taken care of.The University has 8 very good hostels on the campus. Each hostel has a capacity of around 180 beds. Students can easily opt to reside in rooms with single, double or four-bed facilities (AC/Non AC according to their need). Each room has ample storage capacity.Hostel rooms are well-furnished and properly ventilated. Bathrooms are beautifully designed and equipped with cold and hot water facilities according to the weather. Supply of clean and hygienic water is ensured throughout the year. For this purpose water-cooler machines equipped with the latest RO technology have been installed at every floor of each hostel. All the hostels of the University have 24 X 7 Wi-Fi connectivity. Apart from this, university also has its own powerhouse which is responsible for uninterrupted electricity supply in the campus.A team of highly qualified Residential Lady Doctors and female nursing staff is available at the University clinic. There are two ambulances that are always ready to ferry the students from their hostel to the clinic in case of any urgency. Apart from this University also arranges visits of Dentist, Ophthalmologist and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) from time to time. The University has two AC buses to ferry the students from their hostels to academic buildings, dining hall and reception area of the university. In addition to this, there are weekly bus services for Sikar and Jaipur. The University also keeps in mind the commuting difficulties of students of neighboring areas and has regular bus services in place to solve the problem of such students. For admission: