How importance is given to sports at SEEDLING MODERN HIGH SCHOOL

How importance is given to sports at SEEDLING MODERN HIGH SCHOOL ?

Aayush Singhal , 13 Jun 2019

1 Answers

Sports and Games Becoming a well rounded member of society takes more than scholastic ability. Organised sports have so much to offer. What an absolutely amazing way to instill confidence, team spirit, responsibility, discipline and leadership qualities in a youngster. Games at Seedling are played with fervour and passion. The last decade has witnessed a phenomenal improvement in the techniques and performance of our students. The students are encouraged to participate in school activities at different levels. Within the school among different “Houses” into which the students are divided. Between two or more schools at the clusters level. Between clusters at the regional level. Between region at the national level. The range of activities is immense from the traditional and popular sports such as cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis to new favourites such as skating, trampolining, material arts, rock climbing and even yoga and aerobics. A good core of coaches and experts understand the great responsibility that is placed upon their shoulders to help shape and prepare these students not only in sports but their everyday lives. The school has unfurled its flag high in sports tournaments over the years. LEAPSTART FIT KIDS PROGRAMME In consonance with the Seedling motto of excellence in education, the school has added the internationally acclaimed Leapstart Fit Kids Programme for classes Prep to III. Qualified coaches are now making the sports schedule for your ward exciting and innovative. Visit: