How good is IMI Kolkata

How good is IMI Kolkata ?

Riya Handuja , 28 Jan 2020

1 Answers

International Management Institute Kolkata is best. The campus life at IMI Kolkata has helped students to learn beyond submissions, presentations, and deadlines though, at the same time, those have trained them to face the caprices of the corporate world. Classroom learning has indubitably helped students to grasp the concepts, theories, and basic frameworks but the seismic shift in my personality traits is a result of the unstructured methods of learning. Not only students have outgrown as an individual but also grown in a team. What will they become is the summation of Self-learning, Leadership, Academic and Cultural activities, Events and Professional development opportunities encashed throughout the IMI tenure. Through the experiences, students had outside the classroom, they learned to balance their studies, work, and leisure. Visit:

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