How do I prepare for MICAT exam

How do I prepare for MICAT exam ?

Md , 19 Feb 2018

1 Answers

MICAT is an entrance exam for students to gain admission to MICA Ahmedabad. Unlike most other MBA entrance exams, MICA lays key emphasis on finding candidates with a knack for creative and broad thinking. Some tips to prepare for MICAT are given below. 1. Creative writing The only way to prepare for the creative writing section is to practise writing on new topics every day. I’d also suggest reading novels as it hones writing skills more than anything else. 2. Quantitative Not as difficult as CAT or XAT, so you should be fine of you have preparing for conventional MBA entrance exams. 3. Psychometric No negative marking here. Your answers should reflect your personality. Present an affable and charismatic front. 4. Aptitude Again, if you have prepared previously for CAT and XAT, you should be fine with this section. The key lies in cracking the creative writing section. Read and write as much as you can.