How are the teachers at Seedlings School?

How are the teachers at Seedlings School? ?

Ripun Kalita , 13 Jun 2019

1 Answers

Professional development of faculty members is a part of the basic policy structure of the group. Experience is valued and the focus is on the active involvement of the teachers in the scholastic and co-scholastic development of students. Teachers act as mentors and role models for students to follow. We offer a safe, secure and non-intimidating learning environment centered on the child. They impart knowledge, embrace tolerance and create an environment where all belong and all are valued. They offer guidance to students to select higher education pathways and select career options. Individualized attention is given to each child to cater to his or her diverse and exclusive learning needs. Placement of students in top-notch universities. Respect for the Indian culture and values while promoting international mindedness. Please Visit: