Guide to Hotel Management Courses in India

Guide to Hotel Management Courses in India ?

Gaurav , 04 Apr 2018

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Hospitality Graduates have an enormous choice of career paths when they are established in the Industry. Promotion can often be faster than many traditional industries, with responsibilities earlier than other industries. The hospitality and travel industry is probably the most dynamic industry in the world employing about ten percent of the world's working population. Due to the dynamism of the industry, there is a worldwide shortage of skilled personnel with good experience and the right qualifications. SRM Institute of Hotel Management offers a three year degree course and has established a standard of professionalism, leadership, and service excellence for hospitality and tourism leaders around the world. SRM Institute of hotel management of SRM University Sonepat, Delhi -NCR campus. hotel management institution enjoying the excellent infrastructure to match the star Category hotels, well equipped Training Kitchen & Bakery & Confectionery to develop culinary (cooking & baking) skills, well equipped fine dine restaurant with Mock-up Bar to develop Food & Beverage skills, well-appointed suite rooms, and modernized laundry, linen room as housekeeping labs, smart classrooms, well-stocked Library, state of the art computer lab, 24x7 Wi-Fi campus, etc. Employment Opportunities Star category hotels (various hotel chains) Cruise ship hotel management Hospital administration and catering Institutional and industrial catering Airline catering and cabin services Restaurant management Fast food joint management Hotel and catering institutes Hotel and tourism associations Catering departments in banks and insurance houses With government owned catering departments, e.g., railway, armed forces, ministerial conventions, etc. In food, confectionery, beverage production industries Club management Recreation and health center catering Manufacturers and suppliers of hotel and restaurant equipment and services. Visit:

What is Hotel Management & Its Courses? Considering the growing demand for aspiring hotel managers and hospitality professionals, several Indian colleges, institutes and universities are offering Hotel Management Courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Visit this link hotel management courses in india