Did is there any additional fee for the coursework?

Did is there any additional fee for the coursework? ?

Akshita kapoor , 16 Nov 2023

5 Answers

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It is great to see someone finally showing interest in workshops. As an alumnus of LPU, I am more than happy to address such inquiries. Based on my personal experience, I have participated in numerous workshops during my time pursuing my master's degree at LPU, and the best part is that they were all free of charge. There are several workshops organized every week, and while most of them are free, there might be a few mechanical or technical workshops that require a fee. Throughout my master's program, the only fees I have been responsible for include tuition fees, hostel fees, mess charges, laundry fees, and examination fees. Apart from these, there may be charges for late submission of library books, which are calculated on a per-day basis. As far as I know, there are no other fees that we are required to pay. Additionally, the workshops I have attended not only provided valuable knowledge but also offered e-certificates as a token of participation, all without any cost involved. In conclusion, LPU offers a wide range of workshops that cater to various interests and fields of study. These workshops are mostly free, with only a few exceptions for certain technical or mechanical workshops. As a student, the only fees I have encountered are related to my academic and residential expenses. Furthermore, the workshops I have attended have been not only informative but also rewarding, as they provide e-certificates to acknowledge participation.

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At Lovely Professional University (LPU), there is no extra fee associated with the course work component. The semester fee is the sole applicable fee throughout the entire duration of the program. This means that students will not incur any additional charges specifically for engaging in the coursework aspects of their academic program at LPU. The semester fee covers all relevant expenses related to the coursework, ensuring transparency and simplicity in the fee structure for the entire duration of the program.

No, there is no additional fee for the course work. Semester fee will be applicable only throughout the programme duration