Can I do a PhD after pursuing an MBA

Can I do a PhD after pursuing an MBA ?

Shivangi , 15 Feb 2018

2 Answers

Yes, You can do a PhD after pursuing an MBA. The best college is The NorthCap University. Academic research is a vital component of any university. Keeping this in mind, NCU pursues its Doctor of Philosophy Programme with vigor and seriousness that it deserves. With a Central Research Facility and many specialized laboratories, this research Programme is established very well in NCU with the latest research topics. This is also supported by a lot of publications in Web of Science, Scopus, and other reputed unpaid journals. At present, thirty-four Ph.D. scholars have been awarded their doctoral degrees and 128 students are pursuing a Ph.D. in Engineering, School of Law and School of Management. Ph.D. in NCU is offered in both full time and part-time mode. This is governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Doctor of Philosophy Programme. Visit:

Technically, yes. If you want to teach at B-schools or become a researcher in the field of business, PhD is the right option for you. If you merely want to pursue a PhD to elevate your job profile, you might be headed down the wrong road. Most top level professionals in managerial roles do not have a PhD. To reach the top of the food chain quickly, PhD isn't the answer. At best, you would become a consultant for a corporation, but even that role isn't a guarantee in the first place.